The Bliss : Paperback Version


The Bliss : Touching & Empowering Hearts

Author: The Bliss-Touching & Empowering Hearts

Vaibhav Patil & Shruti Chitlangia Dhruve

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This book which is the first publication of shareskills center for training & transformation is on mindfulness & gives avenues for holistic wellness. How will you feel if we offer you a magical genie like Aladdin had in his lamp, who will give you whatever you want in your life at your wish? Isn’t it amazing? And let us tell you friends, that it is for real and not fantasy!
Yes, what we just told you is 100% true! First of all, let us both congratulate you for taking the initiative to transform your life & bring a pleasant ‘Bliss’ in your life! What is bliss?
Bliss is perfect happiness, delight, boundless joy, being on seventh heaven, a feeling of being on cloud nine; a feeling of euphoria & ecstasy-all happy go lucky terms for life!
May we ask you how will you get this holistic happiness/bliss in your life? Friends, what is your problem? What are problems which most of people are facing? Yes, what you are thinking is absolutely in the right direction! People are happy or sad in their life only because of deficiency of certain common things in life which are health, wealth, relations, career, money & the lack of some personality traits! Isn’t it? So, we mean to say that you can make your life ‘blissful’ if you can bring wellness in those important aspects of life! We are going to give you a gift trio in terms of lifelong tools which are going to give you healthy body, issue-less mind, cordial relations, work/ life balance, bright career, abundant money & a better version of your personality. Yes, and this gift is our book – The Bliss : Touching & Empowering Hearts with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EI (Emotional Intelligence) & MT (Memory Techniques).


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