You will be just one step away from changing your life if you enroll this benchmark course.You can become your own boss & you can lead entire world with your skills. TDO you want to become trainer and would like to work along with us? Then join our annual flagship program “Train The Aspiring Trainer” and transform your life. We provide all types of soft-skills required to become a competent trainer in our TTAT Workshop. This course is the most comprehensive course including digital marketing, mindfulness. Some features of this workshop.

  • Most content rich,competent & certified ‘Master Trainer’ course.
  • 150 hours of exhaustive training inclusive of outbound training’s, webinars, games & activities.
  • Book writing & publishing module included.
  • Computer proficiency module included.
  • Marketing proficiency module included.
  • Glass-walk & Fire-walk training module included.
  • Memory tricks & stage magical demos to attract your clients.
  • On filed live work experience
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