The Bliss : Touching & Empowering Hearts Audiobook

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The Bliss represents overall wellness in life! After spending many years in the training industry and after transforming over lakhs of people, we have realized that topics such as subconscious mind, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Memory Techniques are perceived to be meant for specific classes of people only. But with our public workshops, online trainings and especially with our book, we are determined to devote our lives for spreading awareness and training people at mass level on the ‘power of subconscious mind’ for betterment in personal & professional life of people because it is inherent, irrespective of their financial condition, profession, qualifications or caste.

The USP or the differentiation factor of this book from other NLP or Emotional Intelligence books is that-we have given abundant techniques along with our personal experiences, so that the readers of this book can practice NLP & Emotional Intelligence techniques by themselves. A special section on memory techniques as an application of NLP has also been incorporated towards the end These memory techniques are applicable for school and college studies or even in corporate life. We sincerely believe that our dear readers who have invested their money & time should exceed their expectations- a content which is a mix of knowledge, activities, stories & our personal experiences. We have taken special care that the language of this book is understandable to any individual irrespective of his or her age. Besides, we have tried our level best to make this an interactive book for our readers. The bliss -Touching & Empowering Hearts is available in various versions such as kindle, E book, and book and paperback.

The first version of bliss consists of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Memory Techniques applied to important domains of life such as health, career, relationships, profession, money and mindfulness. The upcoming series of ‘The Bliss’ will focus more upon in depth and advanced level of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Memory Techniques where each of these topics will be covered with its standalone book. We would also like to declare that the pocket versions of this book in English, Hindi & Marathi are also going to get published soon. The advanced level volume version of ‘The Bliss’ is already in the drafting phase, which is going to be a ‘Multicolor Edition’ with more innovative techniques.

The Bliss is published by training company Shareskills Training & Learning Solutions and written by its founders Mr.Vaibhav Vasant Patil & Shruti Chitlangiya Dhruve. It is a renowned brand for corporate trainings, public workshops and institutes and college level trainings. Under this brand, trainings modules are created and delivered in various fields by our expert team of trainers. The mission of our organizations Share Skills Trainings is to work for the masses and our vision is that every human being must be aware of and utilize the skills & power which lies within self. Everyone has the right to live a blissful life and no one should suffer from health, mind, career, relationships or monetary issues. We will feel blessed if this book can bring a transformation in your life – which we are confident about. Although we have given our best and taken care of the technical soundness of the book, still errors, feedback, suggestions, appreciations, and critiques from you for the betterment of this book are welcome. If you wish to clarify any query regarding concepts or techniques in this book, then you may send an email which will be answered within 48 hours. We wish you happiness, prosperity, success, love, health and wealth for your life! Before you start reading this book, Find a mirror, look into it, keep your thumbs up & say loudly, “Keep Hopes Alive”!

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Course Content

PART 1 : The Bliss with Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Removing Past Painful Memories
  • Empowering Limiting Beliefs
  • Transforming Self
  • Anchoring & Conditioning Mind

PART 2 : The Bliss with Emotional Intelligence

PART 3 : The Bliss with Memory Techniques

PART 4 : About the Creators of “The Bliss”

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