Education and Skill are two sides of the same coin. To succeed in a race of life run among billions of people across the globe, a person needs to have a degree/ qualification of education to use his skill in the most productive way. Education without skill will be as useless as a skill without education.

Both need to accord and cohere with each other in order to conquer this game of survival. Education in nutshell is nothing but a certified document of the skill you possess within. Every person who has a skill may not manage to get an education. Therefore it can be said the not every certificate holder has that skill that is certified.

Attaining a degree is a sign of formal education but it doesn’t guarantee that the person has attained the skill required for the certificate. It is a mere certificate. Unless the candidate has successfully passed the practical test under supervision, it can be said that he possesses the skill.

Let’s have a dive through and perceive what lies in Education vs. Skill


  1. Over the last decade, we have added 100 universities, 15000 professional colleges, and 100,000 additional seats in higher education. However, the number of employed students is very less compared to the number of admissions. The prime reason for this is they aren’t endowed with the skill required for the job.
  2. Nevertheless, a degree makes a person more confident in his approach towards life and outlook.
  3. The degree makes a person humble and wiser. It gives him discipline in life. This may not be immediate but as the person climbs the ladder of his career.
  4. A degree can make him earn money and social respect. The higher the specialized degree, the higher the income and respect.
  5. Education for the sake of knowledge and its creation leading to self-development must be at the heart and not just for the sake of getting a certificate.


  1. Every degree holder is not necessarily skilled. It is the skill that keeps the person motivated and achieve the target and not his degree.
  2. Great people in history were all skilled. They had no qualifications or minimum qualifications. Ranging from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk all trusted the skill in them which helped them to conquer their goals.
  3. Companies and Organizations have attracted the skills of the person rather than his qualification. Without the skill, the person would not be able to catch hold of the interest of their superiors and attain success.
  4. It the skill and not the degree which gives the motivation to achieve success in one’s life. A degree can help you to just earn a job, but skill can help you in your career growth.


Skill education is the need of the hour for practical and conceptual clarity of how we respond to global reality. Education is just a theoretical aspect, it is a skill that is practical and helps to survive in life. A degree definitely has its own importance, as it is important to gain respect and dignity in society and the person needs to have some skill to attain the degree. As well a complete nonsensual person cannot qualify to attain a degree. Therefore I would conclude by saying that education is the first step in one’s life to achieve his goal.

  • – Vaibhav Patil ( Corporate Trainer, Author )

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