Share Skills Academy for IIT JEE and NEET

About us:

Share Skills Academy was established in the form of coaching classes in 2002 by eminent educators Prof. Dr. Nitin Kadam (M.Sc Mycology) from Savitiribai Phule University, Pune & D.Litt from Open International University, Colombo, Srilanka. Prof. Rupali Kadam (M.Sc- Mathematics) from Mumbai University. Both have strived hard to help a good number of students over a decade by enabling them to be highly successful in their academic careers. Our highly trained & experienced staff encourages the students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilize resources and develop innovative solutions to the problems of today. We feel the Management, Parents, Students along with the talented teaching faculty are a team and complement each other’s efforts.

Share Skills  Academy is an institute where excellent teaching is the cornerstone for a broad-based innovative program that is perhaps best summed up by its motto.

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