Proactive vs. Reactive – You Choose!

Like almost any other Indian boy, I too was fascinated by the game of Cricket. The Game is worshiped equally like any other religion in the sub-continent. Few years after me joining a professional cricket training academy, I was picked into the main 15 members who were selected every year to play in the league matches.

We had many practice drills but the most draining and worn out was the fielding session. As said by cricket legends and pundits, catches win matches, our coaches took the statement very seriously. As a student of the game, one of the most difficult sections of the entire syllabus is fielding a ground ball.

The natural inclination is to stand still and wait till the ball comes to you. This is what your brain teaches you. But the cricket ball does funny things when it hits the grass, dew, and dirt. They change direction sometimes, slow down, stop right there where it dropped. Anything may happen but the end result will always be the same. 9 out of 10 times you will end up empty-handed.

I remember my coach yelling his mantra, ‘play the ball before it plays you’ every time we have a fielding session. This is a cue to attack the ball before the ball starts to behave strangely. Attack the ground ball and make sure you have complete control over it before starts behaving strangely.

Years later, I realized this technique is being used in almost every single corporate company. The idea of being proactive attacking the ball rather than being reactive waiting for the cricket ball to come.

Being Proactive:

Situations that are difficult to face are the ones in which we need to make a decision that will turn the tables to our side. But these situations don’t always bring the best out of us. They can sometimes demotivate us to the core, make us feel low, and release unpleasant emotions which will hurt the other person. One simple key is to turn the favor on our side is by being proactive rather than reactive.

Applying Proactive:

  • Focus on Staying Calm

Realize that only you can control your actions. Thinking with a clam mind will help you to stay focused and you will be more capable of being proactive productively. Never promise anyone when you’re happy, never scold anyone when you are tensed. Take a moment, have a glass of water or do something which will calm you down. Your brain works at its best when you’re calm and composed.

  • Find a way to Encourage and Empower Yourself.

Nobody can motivate yourself better than you. The inner motivation empowers you more than the motivation which you receive from any other motivational speaker. Think about how you could contribute your ideas and your opinions in a positive way which would help you/ the other person to complete the task effectively and efficiently.

  • Don’t respond to anything quickly

When someone comes up to you and reports a problem, don’t react right away it. Take a while to analyze the situation, keep a few alternatives in your head ready and think about the pros and cons of your decision taking. If you act reactive instead of being proactive, you might end up with a decision which if you regret taking for the rest for life.

  • Vaibhav Patil ( Corporate Trainer | Author )

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